This Wednesday Senate bill 4 will be debated at the state capitol and could affect thousands of immigrants Statewide.

The Texas Capital is already filled with representatives of people from all over the country to find out what this issue will be regarding Sanctuary cities in Texas.  Members from the Caravan of Fear arriving today in Austin Texas to speak out in favor of immigrants and keeping families together.

“If approved here in Texas it gives other states the option to do whatever they want” – Marilyn Rubio

There is less than 24 hours before a decision is made on Senate bill 4, which would allow local Law Enforcement Officers to act as immigration agents.

“It goes to the heart of a constitutional question and that is whether people can be legally detained without probable cause.” – Efren Olivares

Residents and legislators fearing that the bill would increase deportations across the state as well as raising the question if the bill would open the door to racial profiling.

“Many local law enforcement agencies, police officers, sheriff’s deputies whose duty is to prevent crime and serve our community are all of a sudden going to become immigration agents.” – Efren Olivares

This issue has been debated nationwide since Trump took office, but today a federal judge in California blocked at the president’s attempt to withhold funding from Sanctuary cities that do not coöperate with immigration officials. Arguing that the leader does not have the power to create new conditions on federal funds.

The Caravan of Fear is supposed to arrive to the Rio Grande Valley tomorrow finalizing their 3500 mile Journey Across the Nation.