San Juan Taxes May Go Up For Street Repairs

San Juan (KFXV) — San Juan officials are contemplating raising taxes for much needed streets repairs.
It could be a 1 or 2 percent increase but for some that means less food on the table.

San juan residents say they are upset at the city’s plan to raise taxes in order to fix their streets.

San juan residents in the Loma Linda subdivision are not happy with the city’s plan to raise property taxes. They say they have been tirelessly contacting city officials to have their streets improved. Another member of the subdivision says she has spent more than fifteen hundred dollars on car repairs. Meanwhile, city officials say these street repairs are still in the planning stages. Arjona also mentions that even if funds are secured, work will begin on those streets that need the most work and as these San Juan residents become less patient, city officials say they are working hard to do what is best.