SAN BENITO (KFXV) — San Benito police now offer a ‘safe exchange zone’. FOX NEWS spoke to the department’s police chief who explains why they decided to carry out this concept.
San Benito joins Harlingen who are providing a designated area where residents can feel safe while carrying out exchanges from online purchases or custody transfers when safety may be a concern.
Nowadays, more people are making purchases through online applications. These sites allow users to buy, sell and chat with others locally – during these transactions people often meet with strangers ignoring potential risks.
The ‘safe exchange zone’ consists of two designated parking spaces in front of the San Benito police department’s parking lot and is under video surveillance 24/7. The concept was created to offer citizens a safe place to exchange items purchased on websites such as Craigslist, Facebook and Ebay. It also allows families with visitation rights to make custodial exchanges safely.
Police say you should still practice caution when meeting with strangers – limit the amount of time spent in the transaction and avoid engaging in them at night.