San Benito, Texas– Coach Jacob Gonzales was arrested this morning and charged with interfering with the duties of a public servant.

Gonzales was detained in San Benito and presented in front of a judge in that city before being transferred over to the Mercedes police department. His bond was set at 5 thousand dollars and is now behind bars at the hidalgo county jail. Authorities say Gonzalez alerted Raymundo Cano and Crystal Moore about a potential search of their property after his release from jail.

“He gave information saying that we were probably going to be looking at their house and they tried getting rid of mostly everything our investigators were still able to get enough to go ahead and charge them with the crime”

The raid was conducted on December 30th at a home located on Braham street in Mercedes. Cano and Moore were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and endangering a child. Cano received an additional charge for the delivery of a controlled substance. Gonzales was arrested on December 28th and charged with possession of a controlled substance during a traffic violation.

“The first time he got arrested he was arrested on a traffic stop after leaving the area that was known for narcotics”

At this time it is unknown if Gonzales is still employed with the San Benito school district…As for Cano and Moore they were released on bond…

The chief told us the department of homeland security is assisting with the investigation and more arrests could be made in connection to this case.