Laredo, Texas– According to police, three people died last year because they were not buckled up.

This rollover simulator shows how easy it is to be ejected from a vehicle when the seatbelt is not worn.

“Depending on the speed that the vehicle is traveling, if the car comes to a complete stop in a crash everything inside that vehicle continues to travel at the same speed the vehicle had”

TxDOT says that increased awareness of drivers contributes to improving safety on our roads. The simulator’s experience helps a person understand why wearing a seatbelt is important — TxDOT shows us how to properly buckle up.

“The proper way of wearing a seatbelt is always made sure that it goes across your shoulder and across your hip bone. Don’t put it above your hip bone or stomach area or close to the neck and never do this and put it under your armpit”

According to Laredo police, from January 2019 to November – there were 1,540 no child restraint citations given.

“What we have seen plenty of last years is that people were not securing the child seat to the automobile, it renders the car seat useless. The kid becomes a flying projectile and in some cases, we had ejections last year”

TxDOT says wearing your seatbelt raises your chances of surviving an accident by 45 percent…And Texas law requires everyone in a vehicle to buckle up or face fines.