Cameron County– SpaceX is wanting to expand its facilities and they’re looking to buy areas in Boca Chica Village.  Boca chica village residents say they are not happy with all the changes that have occurred in the area since the arrival of SpaceX.

Not all locals are willing to sell their homes. We visited the area and spoke to residents about how they are dealing with changes since the tech company became their neighbor.

However, several have accepted the company’s offers and we’ll be leaving their homes.

According to residence a few months ago there was huge an offer letter from SpaceX a private aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company was wanting to purchase their homes to expand their facilities. Celia Garza says she refused to sell her home.

“I have a lot of family here. Sisters and brothers. I have nieces, nephews and so I have a lot of family, and it was my intention to stay here and have my sons…”

Celia says she’s had her home for more than 30 years she has plans to live there permanently when she retires.

“…it’s very peaceful very quiet. We are a very united group of people here”

Carol Steven’s home is at the end of the street and said she accepted the offer by SpaceX.

She will be leaving her home in March. She said she usually rents out her property, but it’s become more difficult to continue with that business since the company’s arrival.

“It was almost as if SpaceX already owns my home because I couldn’t rent freely, because if I would rent to someone then they had no way of knowing if they were going to be able to go to the beach. One family that came from Oklahoma actually got thrown off the beach in the middle of the summer.“

Residents say there are more than 30 homes in the neighborhood and at least 4 sold theirs to the aerospace manufacturer. 

It is unclear what the future holds for the area. There are many property owners who say they are not planning on leaving their homes.