Four people are behind bars thanks to the “Report Your Competition” campaign, led by the Webb County Sheriff’s Office.
A 17-year-old and two 18-year-olds were arrested at an apartment complex. A 34-year-old was also detained at another location, after anonymous tips reporting illegal activity led authorities to investigate since six in the morning.
Officials say that for the past two months, the campaign has been successful.
“We see young folks being arrested because of this situation and we continue forward with this campaign. We continue to have success because of the people calling and reporting, not only their competition but among them neighbors people reporting people that are consuming or selling drugs.”
One detention happened at the 2600 block of frees street, the otherĀ at the 2600 block of Saunders Street. According to authorities, anonymous tips said drugs were being sold at both locations. Sheriff Cuellar tells us what narcotics were seized.
“In the morning we had about 15,10 different hits of cocaine and crack cocaine and marijuana and also heroin and those are packaged for distribution. In other words, there are small amounts here because this is what affects our neighborhoods, our street level and we brought this down.”
Since the campaign has been in place, 10 arrests have been made. Officials encourage the community to continue reporting illegal activity at 415- BUST(2878).