The American Red Cross says they are in need of volunteers.After last year’s extreme hurricane season, experts are predicting severe storms this year. According to a forecaster from Colorado State University, a total of 14 named storms, and seven hurricanes are expected this season.The organization is looking for people that are available to assist in case of emergencies. Andy Treat, Red Cross Workforce Engagement Manager, tells Fox News South Texas they are looking for volunteers with many backgrounds.
“The issue is that our storms are coming more severe in this past year. I’ve done five major storms, for instance, Houston Harvey, we had 30,000 people in one shelter now that takes quite a number of volunteers.”
Treat added that it takes a week or two for people to get their training done and once they are trained they have the ability to sign up.
“They can go online to American Red Cross and hit the volunteer tag and fill out the application they will be asked for permission to do a background check and that is all done and it goes to our office volunteer services”
A red cross volunteer service specialist tells us they also provide community disaster preparedness and trainings on how you can prepare yourself and your family on what to do before, during and after a disaster.
“We do have a department preparedness and that is where we actually go out into the community and talk to people about preparing for disasters such as a hurricane, not just a hurricane but in floods that may affect their area what to do in that situation and so we train our volunteers to give those classes.”
The American Red Cross is in need of volunteers nationwide.If you are interested in being part of their disaster relief efforts, you can to go to their office in Harlingen or visit their website