According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the stages of breast cancer are one of the most important factors in finding options for treatment.

OBGYN physician Dr. Susan Redmond tells Fox News the stages of breast cancer are one to four depending on how far the tumor has spread.

“Stage one is cancer that is very confined of few cells, it doesn’t have lymph note spread.  Stage two, it has gotten into the lymph nodes. Stage three it has invaded locally, perhaps into the bone of your chest or in some of the surrounding tissues. Stage four metastasis all over the body in the brain in the bone in the spine in any place it can get.”

Doctor Redmond adds all stages of breast cancer may be treatable.

“Some of them are more aggressive than other types but we’ve gotten a lot of new chemotherapeutic agents that are a lot more specific to certain cancers.”

The doctor says these symptoms can be noticeable, however, many people ignore them.

“Breast cancer lumps don’t hurt and that makes women tend to just ignore them it doesn’t hurt so it’s no big deal. They are irregularly shaped, they don’t move around well, they don’t change with your menstrual cycle, all those are signs that we are worried about.”

The doctor explains that breast cancer tumors can grow from just a tiny little spot to a stage four in just one to two years, that’s why it’s important for women to get a mammogram once a year.