Health professionals are concerned after a change in a health insurance policy could cause patients to pay their entire emergency bill.
Starting June 4, Blue Cross Blue Shield will be implementing a new policy for out-of-network users that visit the emergency room. With this change, patients will have to cover 100 percent of the bill.
“This is really dangerous because it’s telling the patient that has a headache don’t go to the er because if it’s not an emergency we won’t pay for it. Now patients are not doctors, even doctors need some testing because they cant rule out serious causes of a bad headache.”
Six other states already have this new policy in place. Doctors are concerned this new change will cause conflict between patients and medical professionals.
*”It affects us because putting us in a position where the patient doesn’t get covered then the insurance policy is pinning us against the patient and patients will look at us and it’s not our fault. The insurance policy should be covering it.”
Before this new policy takes place in a month, health insurance professionals have the following recommendation for these policyholders.
“Check your health insurance policy to verify in in-network. It’s very important to check that.”
Just a few hours ago, blue cross blue shield reached out to Fox News. We will speak with the chief medical officer to provide more information on this policy change. We will give you those details on Monday.