After the devastating hurricanes and wildfires that happened last year, FEMA officials want to inform residents on how to be prepared for a disaster.
National Preparedness month is recognized every September to provide residents with tips on what to do before and after a natural disaster.
This year’s theme is:

“Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.”

Nathan Flores, Cameron County Emergency Management Planner tells Fox News families should always have a plan of action in case of an emergency.
“It’s an opportunity for residents to just simply sit down when we’re not under any threat of any sort, in this case, to simply remind themselves what they need to do in case of a disaster or an emergency.”
Flores adds that although there are many situations that can arise, the most common emergency is a house fire.
“Have a fire escape plan but also practice it with your family. Install smoke alarms, carbons monoxide detectors and also having a fire extinguisher simple steps like that can go a long way for the well being of the family.”
Flores says that if our region is ever under a hurricane watch, there are several things families should do.
“Be aware of what are the threats or natural hazards that are around them and know about in our case hurricanes floods storms know about those threats, but also have evacuation routes in case they need to evacuate we should we go now what should be our destination.”
He also recommends having a supply kit with essential items such as canned food, water, batteries, flashlights and a portable radio.

Officials say preparedness begins at home, they encourage everyone to do their part to be better prepared in case of a disaster.