Police Weigh in on Enforcing Trump’s Orders

RGV (KFXV) — The immigration executive orders recently signed by President Donald Trump could expand the power of federal agents to local officers.
President Trump plans to empower local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration laws.
Trump’s plan to allow local police ‘to perform the functions of an immigration officer’, could spark distance between officials and immigrant communities.
And while some individuals agree on some level.
Others think it’s incorrect to give more power to police officers.
Despite trying to maintain a good relationship with local residents– and enforcing criminal laws, Palmview Police Captain, Saul Uvalle says they won’t jeopardize federal funds their department receives to keep their community safe.
This order has some worried that this executive order, could promote racial profiling.
We reached out to other police departments in the valley, who preferred not to comment on this issue. Meanwhile, Palmview police say as more rules come into place, they will continue to keep their residents educated.

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