RIO GRANDE CITY (KFXV) — A drug transaction has an 18 year old facing over a year in federal prison.

18 year old, Dario Martinez states in these court documents that he was approached by two strangers offering him a large amount of money.

Dario Martinez told investigators it all happened while walking along Embassy Road by Rio Grande City High School. It was then two men approached him offering him $1600 to transport and deliver marijuana. Palmview police captain, Saul Uvalle tells Fox News this situation is not uncommon.

He explains why cartel members target our youth but, police say it’s not true. Federal offenses can follow you forever, especially those who transport and distribute drugs in large amounts, emphasizing once you start it’s hard to stop.

For Martinez, the deal to good to be true, ended January 9th, 2017 after the vehicle he was driving with the load of marijuana was intercepted by border patrol agents. Four months later – convicted and sentenced to a year and 6 months in prison.

Officials are sending out a message to parents tonight: to keep in mind criminal organization are out there and are targeting teenagers, as well as staying alert for any red flags like expensive items in their possession and unexpected trips out of the house.