In Mercedes, authorities are searching for suspects accused of vandalizing the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show Grounds.

According to officials, these vandals caused over 40,000 dollars worth of damages and stole a couple of valuable items.

Mercedes chief of police Olga Maldonado tells Fox News the incident happened Sunday. Officers were notified about the vandalism Monday morning when stock show employees arrived at work. She adds they have no leads at this time.

“There was an extensive amount of damage done to some of the buildings and you know it’s very disappointing that individuals just walked in there and did the criminal mischief.”

Livestock show general manager DJ Wernecke says several individuals broke into the property and vandalized some structures inside and outside.

“It was so much damage that totaled up that they did. It seems like they damaged all night long from Sunday night to Monday morning.”

The livestock showground is a non-profit facility that is owned by the public. Wernecke adds that every year they give out scholarships to students in the Rio Grande Valley.

“If you total that up since 1933 we are talking about millions of dollars that the livestock show gives out to these kids and when we have something like this it just hurts us because it’s more money that we are taking away from the kids.”

Wernecke says they have alarm systems in place but because of this incident they will be increasing security and adding more cameras.

If you have any information that can lead to an arrest, contact Mercedes Crime Stoppers at (956) 565-3102. You could be eligible to receive a five-thousand-dollar cash reward.