Police Confiscate Thousands of Dollars Worth of Illegal Goods from Donna Flea Market

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Elizabeth Lomos has owned a stand at the flea market for 8 years now, but today wasn’t like any ordinary day after authorities from Constable Precinct Office One carried out the raid in the Val Verde flea market, located in the city of Donna, after several weeks of investigation on pirated goods being distributed throughout the establishment.

During the operation police took three suspects into custody.

They also confiscated thousands of bootlegged movies and CDs.

The event, triggered by the recent Ebola situation, was held in order to design a unified approach when dealing with possible infectious diseases in South Texas.

The agencies are also working with Hidalgo County Health department officials to ensure that all employees are aware of the proper use of personal protective equipment as well as the protocols for reporting and handling an individual who may have an infectious disease.