Pharr, Texas– After gathering the required amount of signatures required by city officials, residents of a community in Pharr are starting to finally see the results they have been asking for…

This is the first speed cushion that has been installed in this area located in south Pharr. After residents came together to petition that more safety measures are taken for their community.

We have families here and yes, there have been plenty of times cars speed through this street, and as you can see there comes to a car now and it shows how the speed bump is helping, more slowly and with calm and think this is going to work for us

Another problem area…Dicker road…The main street that gives access to the neighborhood. Although speed monitors have been installed, residents are uneasy after a fatal hit in run left an elderly man dead on that same street earlier this year. A road that homeowners say… It still needs lighting.

Cars speed really fast on dicker road…Not to long ago our car broke down on dicker and cars were passing us really fast, thank god I took out a flashlight otherwise I fear we would have been hit.

Neighbors in this community urge drivers to respect the speed cushion and speed limits to avoid any accidents and or deaths.

We attempted to reach out to city representatives and local law enforcement in regard to ongoing and future projects in this area and have yet to receive a reply. We’ll keep you informed,

Pharr Petition

Pharr Neighborhood Receives Speed Cushions After Tragedy And A Petition
Pharr Neighborhood Receives Speed Cushions After Tragedy And A Petition