Petition To Keep Snack Stand Open Late

The city tells Fox News they received several complaints from neighbors about both Snowball Express locations in Mission. The local raspa stand has locations on FM 495 and one on Mile 2 and Mayberry Road. Jamie Acevedo, planning director with the City of Mission spoke to us about the situation. Acevedo says that the city has a noise ordinance that states after 10 pm all music must be at a low decibel level. So we went to snowball express and spoke to the manager of the 495 location about the situation. Medina says that as of 2014 the city never told them that they had to renew their hours of operation with the city. According to Acevedo, the owner of the establishment has already submitted the necessary paperwork to change the stands schedule. Medina tells us that the business has already received over 1,500 signatures on a petition to help keep the establishment open late.

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