Laredo, Texas– Parking enforcement division has issued thousands of citations within the last couple of months — today was no different as they searched for vehicles breaking city ordinance in the heights and las Lomas area…

Those caught breaking the law received a citation — they tell us what the most common problem is…

“Mostly is the sidewalks. We want to get all those vehicles off the sidewalks, we see a lot of children a lot of people getting off to the street and some streets are very busy”

Other issues are vehicles parking near an intersection and parking the wrong way on a street… Since authorities began keeping a closer look at these problems in October, they have issued about three thousand citations.

“If we see that the violation is they are not totally on the sidewalk, we might issue a warning. But if they are completely blocking the sidewalk, we will issue a citation and it is 25 dollars.”

All this is part of vision zero. Its goal is to reduce the number of fatal accidents in Laredo.

Authorities are giving a heads up and telling the community all this week they will be by las Lomas and heights issuing out citations. They ask the community to follow the city ordinance and park correctly.