Parents Urged To Take Precautions With Water Activities

Summer has officially begun, experts recommend for parents to look after their children, especially when swimming.
Although water activities are a fun way to beat the summer heat, it’s the time when children are most likely to drown, therefore extra precautions must be taken.
According to statistics found on, in Texas, 33 kids have drowned, in just 2018.
Pediatrician Dr. Erwin Sanchez, tells us that more than 3,000 people die every year in the United States due to drowning and about 10 percent are children that are 14 years old or younger.
“It takes a few seconds for water to get inside your airway so you won’t be able to scream or cry for help.”
Dr. Sanchez explains that there are two types of drowning to look out for this summer, which are dry drowning and secondary drowning, both can be fatal. Dry drowning happens when a child takes in water through the nose or mouth, causing a spasm in the airway making it difficult to breathe.Secondary drowning happens when a child inhales water into his or her lungs, causing inflammation or swelling.
“Once you’re underwater in four minutes there’s not going to be any more oxygen flowing into your brain and people have serious complication leading to death.”
The pediatrician recommends for parents to look for pools or beach sites that have a lifeguard available, and to never lose sight of your child.
“I always recommend the most important thing is to never ever leave your child unattended not even to look at your phone.”
Dr. Sanchez says we can prevent these tragedies if we watch children around water, inside or outside of the house. This includes pools, lakes, bathtubs and toilets. He adds that small children don’t need more than one inch of water to drown. Parents are urged to follow these safety tips to have a safe and fun summer.

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