Today, officials released the identity of the paramedic and the patient involved in Sunday’s fatal accident.

The incident happened around 6 pm on the 1800 block of east Montecristo Road. The driver of the ambulance identified as 32-year-old Felipe Huerta Jr. and his patient 68-year-old Delia Cortines were killed in a head-on collision. The driver of the other vehicle was identified as a 34-year-old male, who was taken into custody, following the accident. 24-year-old medic Andrea Rodriguez is currently recovering at the hospital.

We spoke to a witness who tells Fox News he was driving behind the ambulance when the accident happened.

“I parked my truck, I ran to the scene helped the gentleman from the F-250 get out. as I was taking him out, I had asked him if he had fallen asleep or was sick or something cause that was my first thought.”

The witness adds that after he helped the driver get out of his truck, he went over to help the others in the ambulance.

“So my first thought was that he had passed on impact. As I went around the vehicle to take a better look at him, I noticed that it did appear that he had passed on impact.”

This week, district attorneys from Hidalgo and Cameron county met to present a united task force to combat drinking and driving. Officials say the driver of the pickup truck is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.

“The ironic part is we started planning this last Monday and since last Monday we’ve had three deaths, three fatalities as a result as what it appears to be drunk driving.”

Edinburg officials say this accident remains under investigation. The driver of the pickup truck is currently in police custody and is pending criminal charges, he is expected to be arraigned sometime this week.