Palmview to Construct Sewer System

A plan 15 years in the making finally coming to fruition as the city of Palmview is developing a sewer system.

According to city officials, the system will improve infrastructure, make resident’s lives easier, and boost economy in the area.
Construction for the sewer system is slated to begin this September.
Although construction won’t begin for another few months, many are eagerly awaiting the multi-million dollar project.
This project won’t only affect current residents, but the entire future of Palmview.

42 million dollars in federal and state grants will allow Palmview residents not only a better quality life, but also increase the towns economy. Lacking a sewer system, Palmview residents previously had no choice but to utilize septic tanks, a costly investment, as installing one usually requires extra land to be purchased.

Additionally, the Texas water development board loaned 8 million dollars to the city, making that a total of $42 million for the 9 mile sewer system project.

The sewer system will be connected to the city of mission’s regional water plant.

This first phase of the project will begin at the end of this year, officials say it should be completed by 2017.

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