Special Report: The Palmview 9: Part One

Narcotic and human trafficking are not uncommon crimes for border cities. But those behind the crimes may surprise you.

At just a few minutes from a country where organized crime is and everyday occurrence there are many risk teens living on this side of the border are exposed to.

Just two years ago here on Minnesota and Frontage Road in the city of Palmview JR Rodriguez a La Joya teen who began working for drugs cartels since the age of 13 was transporting 17 illegal immigrants in a gray van.

Under cartel orders Rodriguez was ordered to transfer all 17 of them to Falfurrias, however the night turned deadly when following a police pursuit 9 people lost their lives and 6 others were seriously injured.

Many teens like Rodriguez are recruited to be part of organized criminal activity that takes please every day. According to the department of public safety Mexican cartels recruit Texas youth to traffic drugs across the border. The Texas border region represents 9 percent of the state’s population however this region has accounted for over 18 percent of the state’s juvenile felony cases.

Easy money is what drives these teens to commit these crimes without thinking of the consequences. In the second part of Palmview 9 we will learn how local agencies are working to put an end to this cruel reality.