DONNA (KFXV) — New details are revealed in regards to the body that was found on July 23rd.

Fox News was at the hearing today where the victim’s girlfriend is now facing charges. Laura Leticia Vasquez is charged with offense to fabricate physical evidence with intent to impair a human corpse, a second degree felony. This after she confessed she disposed of her boyfriend’s body. The body of 17-year-old, Carlos Mario Perez Aguilar was found by authorities in The Orchard Grove on July 23rd. This, after a call was made in regards to a deceased body in the area. Upon investigation, Aguilar’s girlfriend, 45-year-old, Vasquez who was living with the victim, confessed in being involved in the incident. According to the Hidalgo County Sheriff; Vasquez says she was outside her home when she entered and saw her boyfriend, Aguilar, deceased after hanging himself with a hose. She states she wanted to call 911 but her brother, Santos Omar Vasquez convinced her not to do for fear of facing police leading them to dispose of the body. Santos Omar Vasquez is still at large. The cause of Aguilar’s death or how the incident unfolded is still under investigation.

Meanwhile, Laura Leticia Vasquez is now facing a bond of $100,000.