Last night started out as a regular worship service like any other.. only it ended in terror.
28-year-old Marco Moreno was attending the reunion where he attacked the pastor and stabbed him repeatedly. Moreno also stabbed a band member in the neck, leading everyone into a state of panic.  Police responded to the attack at the house located on the twelve hundred block of Cambridge Drive in Corpus where authorities found the suspect unarmed and held down by two men who ended up with minor injuries after confronting him. The bandmember, 61-year-old, Frank Castillo passed away at a local hospital, the pastor was stabbed multiple times in the chest and is currently fighting for his life. Earlier this morning, Fox News was able to speak to a neighbor who preferred to stay anonymous.  Authorities say the house where the attacked happened is considered a gathering place for the church, at the moment the motive behind the attack is unknown. Officials emphasizing to the community that area is safe.