Officials Emphasize Sharing The Road After Fatal Motorcycle Accident

After the recent death of a motorcyclist in Starr County, officials are emphasizing the importance of motorcycle safety.
Palmview Police Sargent Arnold Sepulveda, tells Fox News the department has relaunched their motorcycle program to help with traffic.
“Especially because of the recent accident over in Starr County, where a motorcyclist perished and we’d like to really urge drivers to share the road to be careful out there.”
Sepulveda adds motorcycles can be easily missed in a rear view mirror or in a blind spot, therefore it’s important for drivers to keep an open mind.
“In recent times, motorcycles have become a very strong form of transportation and any motorcyclist uses that as their primary means to go to and from their workplace, we just urge drivers to keep in mind that there are other types of vehicles in the roadways.”
According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2017 501 riders lost their lives and 2,101 were seriously injured due to motorcycle accidents. About half of those fatal crashes were from motorcycles colliding with a car or truck because the driver didn’t see it.
“On motorcycles, specifically, they are quite dangerous when they make contact with a passenger car, pick up truck or even semis.”
To a avoid colliding with a motorcyclist, officials recommend drivers to: always look twice, especially at intersections, always assume motorcycles are closer than they appear, avoid turning in front of an oncoming motorcycle, use your turn signal and check your blind spot before changing lanes and give motorcyclists a full lane

Officials want to remind drivers to always share the road and look twice for motorcyclists.

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