City of Laredo officials are discussing the “Vision Zero” strategy, which aims to eliminate fatal car accidents.
This morning, several organizations and Mayor Pete Saenz gathered to talk about  “Vision Zero.” This, with the purpose of achieving zero traffic deaths within a decade.
“‘Vision Zero” is going to be a yearlong commitment to making our streets safer for everybody. We are going to get a range of stakeholders to get together to look where are the dangers are, why are they dangerous and what are we going to do about it.”
Authorities say  “Vision Zero”  has been adopted in other cities. Adding that it’s necessary after many accidents have been reported in Webb County.
“Right now we have an epidemic of traffic deaths. in years 2015-2016, we lost 67 of our family members and deaths in traffic crashes not accidents.”
Officials say they will gather with other entities to plan this strategy and are planning several meetings to get the community’s opinion.
Other organizations involved in  “Vision Zero”  are the City of Laredo Health Department, the traffic department and several law enforcement agencies.