In just October and November, border patrol agents have detained a total of 41,470 undocumented immigrants that have crossed through the Rio Grande Valley border.
Border patrol agents say the number of detained immigrants have more than doubled from those of October and November 2017.
Catholic Charities in McAllen have been receiving buses full of immigrants after being processed by officials. Neighbors in the surrounding area say they are witness to the high traffic.
The norm used to be that once immigrants were processed they would be taken directly to the bus station in McAllen, but now they’re also being dropped off directly at this church. Volunteers say they see the need to give more of their time in times of need at the center.
Agents emphasize that the majority of migrants come from Central American countries especially Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.
From the almost 40 thousand immigrants that have been detained in the past two months, almost five thousand of those are unaccompanied children.