Some community members are upset about a conference taking place at Texas A&M International University and that is why they want to spread the message of love and unity to others.
The conference will take place June 5 and the topic is changing homosexuals through prayers and therapy.
“I’m a little bit more for lack of a better term used to it for the reaction of these religious groups trying to influence others that as they say pray the gay away. You know its very unfortunate that they feel that is the only option.”
Judith Mendoza is organizing an event to bring awareness to the LGBT community. The event will take place the same day as the conference and is a way of celebrating pride month which takes place in June.
“I felt the sort of necessity to bring everyone together to sort of not rally against it but to rally for the people that are struggling and those people that are struggling with their sexual identity the worst thing to do is one way out and changing yourself is not the only option in being comfortable with your life.”
Some community members say they are upset that in this era, this form of discrimination still exists. They’re also unhappy that the university is allowing this conference to take place at TAMIU.
In a statement, TAMIU officials say the university rents facilities when available to all groups and third-party organizations, regardless of their viewpoint. Adding that when it does so, it should never be interpreted as an endorsement or as in any way supportive of these groups or their messages.
Aaron Guerra says that growing up, he didn’t have the support of his loved ones and that is why he’s inviting the community to the born this way event organized by his friend, spreading this message to the community.
“You should love the person regardless of how they are what their decision is or what they feel is right in their heart  is not up to the person in this earth that’s up to the person of the higher power and the person themselves.”
TAMIU officials say the university is a public forum for the exchange of ideas and while the conference does not represent the university’s international mission, the group may present their perspective.