Monday night, a video published on social media, showed documents with confidential information, thrown across a plaza. Several patients from Brownsville OB/GYN Associates had their personal information scattered around El Pueblito Center. The situation did not go unnoticed by local business owners and people in the area. Erasmo Castro, a local resident told us about the discovery. Castro immediately informed the clinic’s administration about the incident, employees went to the plaza to recover the documents that had been lost due to the error committed by one of their staff members. Gynecologist Dr. Jose Nieves told Fox News in a statement: “The number of documents that were out of our control and of patients affected is less than 35 to our knowledge. No patient charts were among the documents lost, only billing records from two specific dates in 2011. We have had electronic records since 2007.” Even though the clinic has let us know the employee has been fired, the situation is difficult for patients whose information was exposed. If anyone should come across some of these documents you can contact the clinic at  (956) 550-8733.