Bus route 8 is now available for students traveling north of the city. It will depart from the McAllen central station and make its way to the new Texas A&M University building.
Route 8, also known as “Aggie Route” will have 10 departures daily for anyone trying to get to the new campus.
Robert De Leon business manager for the city of McAllen Public Transit department tells Fox News this new bus route is going to benefit students.
“This service we’re excited to launch because it’s going to serve patrons that are wanting to get to north McAllen specifically to Texas A&M and of course patron that want to get from that area to downtown McAllen.”
De Leon adds their RGV metro connect services will help Texas A&M students that are in need of transportation across the Rio Grande Valley.
Rick Margo Director of the Higher Education Center in McAllen says the “Aggie Route” is a great opportunity for students.
“It’s going to help students who don’t have transportation and live in different parts of the valley to make it over here under a low-cost transportation.”
A sophomore at Texas A&M told us he was one of the first ones to take the aggie route to school this morning.
“What I was talking to my friends about if the bus ever comes by here and let’s just say I want to go to Edinburg real fast but I don’t want to actually drive over there I could just pay 50 cents and I’d be able to go over there and an hour later I would be able to come back.”
The bus rides are one dollar for the public and 50 cents for students that show a valid ID.
Route 8 is already available on the Rides System mobile app. Students can find bus stops, the estimated arrival times and can also see where the bus is at in real time.