New Law Threatens Permanent Closure of Valley Ignite Charter Schools

A new law is threatening Ignite Charter Schools to shut their doors for good.
More than one hundred teachers would be left jobless, and hundred of students displaced.

A new law that went into effect last year is putting many ignite schools in danger of having to close their doors but school officials say they are not giving up. Ignite public schools were created for students who are seeking an alternative way to obtain a high school diploma,
But after providing services for students seeking a second chance at a high school diploma, superintendent Fernando Gomez said he received a phone call from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that he was on the list of 12 schools that will have to close their doors next year, the Texas education agency is operating under senate bill 2’s ‘three strikes and you are out’ rule. Ignite received a third strike after failing to submit an audit report on time…he says its unfair since they are basing info on past years data ignite schools in the valley are set to close come June of 2015.

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