New Details Revealed In Case Of Border Patrol Agent Accused Of Murder

We informed you the border patrol agent accused of killing a woman and her son was denied a bond. Today new details in the case were revealed.
“We feel that we are on our way to justice we want to thank and god bless the attorneys and everybody involved, the bond was denied.”
After 10 hours in court, 406 district judge Oscar Hale denied Ronald Anthony Burgos Aviles a bond.
The Webb County District Attorney’s Office brought in witnesses to testify in this case. A detective with Laredo Police stated Burgos Aviles did not report he found a white tennis shoe and two cell phones at the crime scene.
At the scene, authorities found a white vehicle with the license plates registered to Angelica Hernandez, the victim’s sister. When police arrived at the residence of the registered address, Angelica Hernandez told police her sister had borrowed her car to meet with her baby’s father, identifying him as Burgos Aviles.She also told police she had not heard from Grizelda Hernandez for four hours since she met with him.
A forensics phone examiner testified, stating he found screenshots of child support custodial payment record as well as Snapchat screenshots dated April 8th, which had messages from an individual named Anthony, believed to be Burgos Aviles.
After listening to testimonies, Judge Hale believed there was enough probable cause to keep Burgos Aviles in jail until his trial, where he could possibly face the death penalty for the murder of one-year-old Dominick Alexander and the child’s mother, Grizelda Hernandez.
 His attorney states his client still maintains his innocence.
“Its not necessarily evidence that will come in at trial, not evidence that will prove his guilt at this time its just probable cause, so at this time it would be premature to say that the evidence produced by the state is something that is damaging or that I think proves that he committed the crime, it is only preliminary probable cause.”
Burgos Aviles’ attorney states he is waiting to receive the indictment and that his client is requesting a speedy trial.

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