New details have surfaced regarding the case of a former volunteer of a Laredo food bank.
In December of last year, a minor accused Carlos Romo of sexually abusing her since she was six years old.
Romo was arrested in January of this year. According to the police report, he touched the girl inappropriately, escalating into sexual encounters. An allegation Romo denies.
“It was a lengthy investigation. They were able to talk to a lot of people. The victim, with the help of the Children’s Advocacy Center, through forensic interviews and interviews with the suspect numerous interviews with the suspect.”
During the interview, investigators discovered child pornography in Romo’s possession.
Authorities recovered several electronic devices from Romo’s residence. They say an employee from the food bank also found a DVD inside a black bag in his office.
The police report states the DVD had images of nude girls about 11 to 12 years of age engaging in sexual acts.
“We don’t know exactly if the material goes back to the victim, but detectives were able to find child pornography within these electronic devices.”
According to the report, when questioned by police, Romo cried and maintained his innocence stating he did not want society to see him as a monster.
An arraignment hearing is pending, in this case, we will keep you informed as details develop.