An investigator in the case went deeper into conversations between Melissa Patterson and a housekeeper, who was there in the final moments of Martin Knell. Patterson told the housekeeper of Comfort House in the recordings to stay outside while Patterson was in the room with Martin Knell moments before his death. Wednesday, the investigator presented audio recordings of a conversation between the two.

It was used as evidence against Patterson today in the fourth week of the trial.

Christopher Calloway, a Texas Ranger who was investigating the case since 2015, was the one who recorded the audio between the two and testified in court Wednesday.  According to Calloway, Patterson told Moscorro to stay outside for 30 to 40 minutes while Patterson was with Knell, call 911 after she left and tell police Knell was sick.

Patterson is accused of suffocating 96 year old, Martin Knell in 2015.

Calloway also showed bank statements to prove Patterson used funds from Comfort House, where she was an administrator, for a $2,984 plane ticket to Vegas.

Moscorro has yet to testify in court.  The trial is expected to continue throughout the week.