Nearly 60 Undocumented Immigrants Detained in Mission Stash House

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Mission — According to unofficial information it was thanks to an anonymous call from one of the immigrants asking for help that authorities were able to uncover a stash house N. of Mission.
With border patrol detention centers at full capacity the issue of illegal immigration does not seem to get better.
With temperatures reaching almost three digits close to 60 immigrants were found in a mobile home near los Ebanos Road and Monte Cristo.
FOX 2 NEWS cameras were the only ones at the scene when one by one each of these immigrants were being escorted out of the home and transferred into vans.
Neighbors told FOX 2 NEWS that police responded to the residence looking for a plea for help that was made through a 911 call upon arrival they discovered the human stash house.
They also say this type of incident is very common.
As of now, we don’t know of any arrest that were made or how long these people have been staying there.
Border patrol also confirmed that a few blocks from this residence another 30 immigrants were found totaling up nearly 100 that were detained in that area today.

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