Authorities at the National Butterfly Center have proposed to file a lawsuit against homeland security.

Fox News cameras were rolling as the owners of the center, located next to the Rio Grande River, confronted Border Patrol about their work in preparation for the Border Wall.

According to Marian Trevino Wright, the director of the center, this is not the first encounter her employees have had with federal authorities.

“Late July we found the contractor on the property and they were cutting down trees and widening our road and we had no communication regarding the work being done here,” Wright tells Fox News.

Federal officers tell say they have the right to patrol property within 25 miles from the Rio Grande.
They also have to let the owner of the property know when they will be cutting trees and bushes or altering the land.

“We’ve received no notice whatsoever,” Wright says.

Fox News spoke with Border Patrol Supervisor Daniel Tirado who tells Fox News the center was informed, and agreed of the work.

Wright says the government is preparing for the construction of the border wall. The park is 100 acres and the wall would run through 70 acres of the land.

A Letter of Intent to sue has been delivered,giving the Department of Homeland Security 60 days respond.