Mountain Lion Found Roaming Laredo Streets

It was a scary weekend for Laredoans after a mountain lion was found wandering through south Laredo yesterday evening.The animal made its way Santa Ursula Avenue, where owners of the house stated the lion managed to jump through their fence, where their dog was able to alert its owners. Residents around the area were urged to stay indoors, while some were evacuated due to their safety. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stated mountain lions are native to Texas and classified as a nongame species. The state game warden relocated the mountain lion, and are checking for injuries before he can be released back to its natural habitat. Authorities stated that although it is not common for wildlife to escape and end up in a heavy populated area, the lion probably lost his way back after being confused by how close he was to his living area. The last time a wild animal showed up in a neighborhood was back in 2012 where a black bear was crossing highway 83. Authorities stated no injuries were reported in this case.