When families crowd into graduate ceremonies they usually look for the best seat to see their graduate. In this case, a mother will sit up front to graduate alongside her daughter.
“I remember my father saying in Spanish, ‘summer graduation doesn’t count’ and I understood I had let him down.”
Maria Treviño came from Coahuila, Mexico as an immigrant when she was six years old. This Saturday, one of her biggest accomplishments will come to be. She will be right by her daughter when she receives her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Maria Treviño will be getting her doctorates degree in education.
“Her accomplishing this goal, it’s been her dream for so long and I thought it was hard enough getting my bachelor’s in nursing but the fact that she was able to get her doctorates degree and she has five kids you know, and everything else that happens in life and she’s still got it.”
According to Alexia, her mother felt ignored by her for many years since she was always busy studying for school. Being in the same university helped Alexia be closer to her mother.
“What motivated me was my experiences, as an immigrant student, having failed my senior year in high school because of computer science, whatever class it was.”
Alexia says they have always motivated each other.
“For both of us, it was a big sacrifice.”
Maria and Alexia are thankful for the support they’ve received from the university professors.