According to the National Weather Service, more than 9 inches of rain fell over the city of Monte Alto.

Fox news cameras hit the streets this morning to capture the aftermath of the storm. Residents that live in Cielo Lane, a subdivision within that city, received severe damage to their homes.

The rain began around 5 pm, throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Several homeowners say the water caused them to evacuate.

“We left last night like around nine, it was getting pretty bad. We just got here this morning to check it out, see what was going on.”

Throughout the neighborhood, we were able to see several trailer homes that were flipped over and one that was completely destroyed.

We spoke to a resident that lost part of her roof due to the hail and strong winds.

“It picked up our roof and all the sheetrock inside fell down. Everything inside is now damaged.”

A resident that lives in the area says officials need to add more drainage ditches because flooding is always an issue.

“For them to fix what needs to be fixed, lie the drainage everything. Look hat happens because of the drainage.”

Many of these residents say they hope the city can do something about the drainage before another storm heads this way.