Parents in south Laredo are concerned about students at Octavio Salinas Elementary due to reports of apparent mold on campus. Several photos were released showing what appears to be mold residue on campus walls, soccer balls, volleyballs, sofas, and chairs. This isn’t the first time the campus experiences mold issues, earlier this year the school decided to run a humidity control test to the air conditioning system, but UISD stated there was no signs of mold in the school.Several parents met with school officials stating they were concerned for their children’ safety, after some students were allegedly sick due to respiratory issues since the first day of school. Octavio Salinas is still operating as of now, and no other information has been released on what the next step is but, some parents stated they would like for children to be transferred to portable classrooms until more tests are done and a full campus clean up is conducted.

The school is giving parents an option to transfer their children to any schools nearby, until the issue is resolved and a new elementary can be built by 2020.