Mines Road Area Bridge Nearly Completed

City officials held a groundbreaking ceremony to announce a project that they say will help alleviate traffic in the Mines Road area.This is the method some community members have to use to be able to get to George Washington Middle School, most of the time by foot, but that will soon change. The riverbank extension project located in the Villa San Agustin subdivision will extend riverbank drive thru the construction of a bridge, allowing to ease the traffic flow and make it easier for students to get to school, says councilman George Altgeld.
“Without a doubt, the number one issue for District 7 and the Mines Road area is and will be for some time the traffic and so by having this bridge is having one other way by taking vehicles off Mines Road and have a dedicated non-commercial route.”
The bridge will have a roadway 41 feet wide and the installation of sidewalks, drainage, and lighting. Councilman Altgelt tells Fox News the cost of the project and how much the city of Laredo saved.
“This project if you tab it would cost up to a million dollars, fortunately with our relationship with this stellar citizen, we were able to get the land donated and we were able to get the engineering studies donated so the project is only costing the city of Laredo only 689 thousand dollars.”
City officials expect the bridge to be completed within a few months.

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