MEXICO (KFXV) — A study places Mexico as second deadliest place in the world behind Syria and above Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mexico’s violence death toll has risen to 25,000 from the constant drug wars. Fox News spoke to a cartel analyst who says the battle for territory will continue.

Drug Cartel Analyst, Correa Cabrera has been investigating organized crime for the past years. She says although the violence is constant, a lot has changed between criminal groups in our region.

Shootings, fires, riots — all part of the drug war in our neighbouring country, including Reynosa, Tamaulipas just steps away from the city of Hidalgo Texas.

Correa says according to her studies – the violence first erupted across the country back in 2010.

The constant fights between cartels and and even within themselves– led them to focus on different objectives like human trafficking, theft, money laundering and drug trafficking. Correa explains how organized criminal activity have become disorganized.

Fox News wanted to know about escalating violence since two major drug leaders fell dead in Reynosa–known as: ‘El Toro’ and ‘Pancho Carreon’.

That was the case for Alejandra Aleman and her husband. The couple was shot at just last month in Reynosa in what they say was a mistake during a confrontation between Mexican Federal authorities and cartel members.
Something Correa says could happen often due to the lack of local officials with investigation training – saying officers and military personnel in Mexico are trained to shoot and fight not prosecute.
Correa adds reinforcing strategies dedicated to public safety could be the key to bring some relief to Mexico and our border.