The Mexican fruit fly is known to kill fruit in other countries, but now it’s being seen in Rio Grande Valley citrus trees.Workers from the Texas Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention have been helping residents from Bentsen Palm RV park to prevent it from spreading to a nearby grove. The United States Department of Agriculture is warning all Rio Grande Valley residents and growers to pick off their citrus fruit from trees, or the ground before April 1. Failure to do so can help the plague spread and lead to a quarantine all across the Valley where citrus production will come to a halt. A single fruit fly can attack more than 50 fruits by dropping its larvae inside. The fruit then turns soft and cannot be sold or eaten. Fruit that is not soft can still be used.Fruit already infected, it can be left on the ground as compost as long as it is split and not left as a whole fruit allowing the flies to grow,  if help is needed with picking up fruit, the Texas Citric Department is helping out so that the plague can be contained faster.