Mercedes — Residents have created a recall petition to remove city mayor Henry Hinojosa and Mayor pro tem, Leonardo Villareal.

There Mercedes resident who started the petition says he has already obtained 400 signatures and expects more support from the community.

“Once we collect 500 signatures, we are going to submit them to the city secretary, but we are going to continue collecting signatures.”

Israel Coronado – Mercedes Resident

Residents started the petition to remove city mayor Henry Hinojosa and the Mayor pro tem, Leonardo Villareal from their positions after they placed the removal of Commissioner Leonel Benavidez on the city’s agenda.

“…for the mayor to try to remove an elected official just by an internal vote by the commission in which he enjoys a majority vote is wrong.”

Israel Coronado – Mercedes Resident

According to the city charter section 8.07 (Power of Recall) Residents have the power to recall an elected official.

“We believe that those people who have done more than us can represent us well. When you don’t do that, then it’s time to remove you.”

Yolanda Molina – Mercedes Resident

The mayor issued a statement regarding the petition. In it he says;

“I have 6 months left in office and I have a lot of support. Let the petition take it’s course.”

Mercedes Mayor Henry Hinojosa

Residents still want to have their voices heard since they believe Mr. Hinojosa hasn’t been transparent with the community.

The city’s charter states that in order to remove an elected official at least 33% of registered voters must sign the petition.