Medical Center Staff Trains For Active Shooter Situation

Border patrol agents along with Weslaco Police Department trained Knapp Medical Center staff for an active shooter situation. The latest shootings across the nation including Florida’s high school has pressured schools, businesses, and now hospitals to take action and have a plan of action in the case that a shooting situation arises. Weslaco Police Department tells Fox News, the shootings are nothing new, but its the fact that they are happening more often that is concerning. Officials advise people to immediately look for exit signs upon entering a building. There are three steps a person in a shooting should take: Avoid the place if possible at all cost, deny a close distance between the shooter, defend yourself if a confrontation arises and escaping is not an option. Border patrol tells us working together is what can prevent a massacre. Weslaco Police Department reminds us any business, school, or church can request these trainings and information at no cost.

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