Residents in a Mcallen colonia are concerned over the recent rainfall and what will happen to their homes as more rain is expected across the Rio Grande Valley.

The neighborhood, located near El Rancho Road and McColl Road saw heavy showers over the past few days.


“I had to put my truck across the road to stop the water from moving into my home,” says Antonio Martinez, a resident in the colonia. “We were trying to cover the doors so that water wouldn’t go in but if we hadn’t done that, more water would’ve definitely come inside.”


Martinez, along with other residents have seen massive water build up due to a nearby canal overflowing. Martinez says this isn’t the first time water overflows from the ditch.


Another resident, Adolfo Herrera-Martinez, tells Fox News, some homes owners in the area saw water near their front doors, while others had water completely enter their homes.

“We’d like it if the city came to fix this. We pay a lot of taxes and they’re the ones who have the canal here, and they’re the only ones who can fix it,” says Herrera-Martinez.


Officials with the City of Mcallen received funding from FEMA to excavate a regional storm water detention facility on the south side of El Rancho Road.
That regional project is expected to be completed by 2018.