Fox News has obtained the criminal complaint, that not only tell us what happened in court but also the details, from the 20-year-old man who told authorities how he says he killed his great-grandmother.

James Bryan Whisenant, went in front of a judge and was officially charged with the murder of, Jimmie Tallon Whisenant, his great-grandmother.  However, records show James told authorities in chilling details how he supposedly committed the crime. According to the report, James entered his great grandmother’s room around 4 in the morning while she was still sleeping.  It goes on to say he pinched her nose and applied pressure to her mouth to suffocate her until she stopped moving. It was Wednesday morning in the 5000 block of 3rd Street and Yucca when authorities arrived and found her body. Fox News spoke to someone who works in the area who says, he’s surprised this happened.
James turned himself into police and waived his rights to an attorney.
James pleaded guilty to the crime and is out on a 50 thousand dollar bond.  If convicted, he’s facing 5 to 99 years in jail.