McAllen ISD Target of Nationwide Threat

In our top story, McAllen ISD is targeted today in what officials are calling a ‘series of threats throughout the nation’.

Fox 2 news spoke with the superintendent of McAllen ISD to find out more. Emma Barrera brings us the story tonight.

McAllen school board district Superintendent James Ponce confirms an email received Wednesday stating a broad variety of threats is not credible, yet security measures are being taken.

Even though the email was proven to be a false alarm, surveillance cameras like these have been installed throughout the schools in the city and are being monitored by the district.

Similar threats have been tracked back to New York, Los Angeles and Houston this week. McAllen school board members acted quickly by alerting local authorities and the FBI about the email received.

“It’s about staff safety and student safety. Everything else doesn’t matter but them.”

John Montemayor, with the McAllen Police Department, stated in a press conference today that even though few details can be released at this time. He confirmed the email was sent from a server overseas.

“It did cover about of course the problem that we are having with ISIS in the Middle East. It did cover that.”

Classes resumed this morning and are planned to continue tomorrow. Local officials will continue to monitor this case closely to determine the source of the email.

McAllen ISD officials encourage parents to sign up for mobile alerts in order to be aware of any situations that arise day or night.

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