Today was the beginning of National Hurricane Preparedness Week. Officials want to remind the community to be ready in case of a catastrophe.
McAllen International Airport hosted the 2018 NOAA Hurricane Awareness Tour. We got an opportunity to meet with experts, scientist and crew members who respond to hurricanes. The season begins June 1, experts’ main goal is to dedicate their time to forecasting hurricanes, predicting where they are going to go, how strong they are going to be and what impacts they may deliver.
Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Raguso tells Fox News how the U.S. Air Force aircraft, also known as “Hurricane Hunter” is in constant contact with the National Hurricane Center to bring in the data.
“When you see the models that are used to predict what the storms are going to do, they need information to plug into those models the whole time that we are out the storm we are feeding them data to plug into those models.”
The National Weather Center chief program officer tells us how they are connected with the hurricane hunters.
“The data that the hurricane hunters provide to the hurricane center is then passed on to the local office so the office that serves the Rio Grande Valley here is very key to get that information.”
Experts want to remind you to have a plan of action in case of an emergency. They suggest you prepare for a hurricane not only this week but all year around.