Mercedes, Texas– A man was arrested for allegedly disrupting a city council meeting that took place back in September. He was formally charged. We spoke to his attorney about the situation.

Israel Coronado arrest comes one week after he announced his candidacy for mayor of Mercedes in 2020. Coronado is being charged with disturbing a city meeting that took place on September 17th when four other individuals were arrested for the same charge.

The activist’s attorney Tania Ramirez says this is not common.

“I had not seen these charges. I’ve never seen them…”

Tania Ramirez – Attorney

Ramirez adds that the warrant issued for Coronado’s arrest was not signed by the city judge Juan Alvarez. Although the written order was not illegal they do find it suspicious.

“I do believe that’s the situation we are dealing with right now. Mr. Coronado did announce that he’s running for Mayor last week and he just got arrested yesterday. “

Tania Ramirez – Attorney

During the arraignment, Ramirez demanded that the investigator provide her with a copy of the warrant to determine when it was issued and why it was signed by Hidalgo County District 1 Judge Gilbert Saenz.

“If this is due to form shopping then I would like the PD to explain that.”

Tania Ramirez – Attorney

Coronado’s wife says the situation will not stop her husband from running for office.

“This has only given him more fuel. Now he has witnessed for himself, injustice, abuse of power, retaliation, and political simulation. You name it, they’ve done it. They are doing it.” 

Rosy Coronado – Coronado’s Wife

Several Mercedes residents were at the court to support Coronado. They believe his arrest was a form of injustice. 

“They want to put Israel as a criminal mugshot and slander him the way they’ve done to other people in the past. Right after he announced his candidacy.”

Velda Garcia – Mercedes Resident

“The obvious question is, why now? He just advises of his candidacy for mayoralship. Let’s connect the dots cause that’s what it’s about.

Dalia Pena – Mercedes Resident

We have yet to hear back from the chief of police, Dagoberto Chavez, who also happens to be the assistant city manager as to why they waited until now to arrest Coronado.

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